Shopping For A Car?

If you live in the Philadelphia area and are looking for a hot car to show off or just something to get you back and forth to the office there is surely to be a car of your choice and in your price range at Conicelli’s.  They offer new and used car specials, coupons and a variety of prices on their automobiles ranging from $10,000 up to $70,000.  You can even lock in a price on the internet without any obligation to purchase.  Just log onto the site and you will be able to see the various models, styles, colors, features and options.  Later, if you visit the lot in person you’ll already be car savvy.

If you choose a new Toyota car, your customer service rep will be happy to offer you that test drive – see if it feels good.  You might even take it on the freeway – accelerate to about 65 miles or so and feel the exhilaration, its bounce and punch; smell the new leather or carfabric.  Later when you are back on the lot, walk around the car – to get a good view – see yourself in the car.  Does it suit your personality, lifestyle and budget?  Ready to buy – the sales representative will be happy to take your application – financing is available.  Imagine it; you are just moments away from owning that shiny new car.

If you are looking for a late model used Toyota there are plenty of them to view also both on and off the site.  If you schedule a test drive, the sales rep will ensure that all signals are in working order – you may even be asked to kick the tires – this may be important because new tires can run into the hundreds of dollars.  You will also want to test the horn, doors and windows before you buy. Perhaps you’ll even luck out as I’ve heard that some used cars come with a manufacturer’ certified and/or limited warranty. If you are still not ready to buy, then sign up for the Conicelli Toyota Newsletter and you’ll be kept abreast of changes in prices on new and used car  specials, company news, as well as community interest items, surveys, contests, coupons, etc.

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Made In America

There are very few manufacturers of textile product operating in the United States today with the tag “made in America” because cheaper imports are making it hard for them to remain profitable.  Not so, at the Wearbest Sil-Textile mill in New Jersey, a company that caters to luxury hotels and restaurant chains and makes draperies and upholstery for them.  The company now even has bragging rights for its work in the White House; profits were up by more than 52% during the past year.

The company’s owner has made a commitment to keep its goods “made in America,” something that is essential and important to the business.  The owner, Irwin Gasner’s grandfather founded the business back in the early 40s with his first mill in East americaRutherford, NJ.  He made silk lining for men’s suits in those early days.  After the war, Mr. Gasner turned his attention to making decorative draperies and upholstery for America‘s homes.

The company became profitable and when the younger Gasner took the helm in 1980, he moved to a bigger facility to continue the “made in America” tradition.  Unfortunately on Labor Day in 1985, there was a setback when a fire burned the mill to the ground.  Despite this, Gasner was able to get the funds necessary to get the mill back up and running.  Then came the recession in 2008; the mill was forced to lay off 50% of its workers after sales dropped.

Gasner admits today that it hasn’t been easy, but the company is back and thriving.  In order to remain competitive and keep the business in America, he now focuses on creating more innovative fabrics.  He says it’s the latest crave because they are environmentally friendly.  The fabrics are also of high quality and performance and good for areas that receive high traffic.  Then too, made in America is always appreciated.

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A Title Loan

Those who own their car, truck or van now have an option when it comes to title loans in Florida.  If you find yourself in a financial bind, regardless of credit and no matter who you are or where you live in Florida, money is available.  A title loan is a temporary one that can tide you over for the short term while you still have the use of your car.   A title loan can be applied for by phone or online and the money can be in your possession within just a few hours.  Best of all, interest rates are as low as 1.50% a month. Unexpected expenses occur because life happens, but you don’t have to be titlewithout the things that are needed.  If you need extra money for any reason, no matter if it’s a medical emergency, credit card debt, rent, a legal obligation or tuition fees – just ask.  No need to trouble a family member or friend for a loan – something which can easily cause the loss of that relationship.

Most often, a title loan can be process without a credit report because you are letting the lender hold your automobile title until you are able to repay the loan, usually within 12 months.  The loan will be based on the value and equity of your car which is usually determined by mileage, make, model and condition of the vehicle.  Loans can range anywhere from $500 to as much as $15,000.  Many families and individuals in the state of Florida have benefitted from this type of loan.  So if you need money, why not take advantage of the car title safety net, put your mind at ease and enjoy the beautiful Florida sunshine?

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My Journey

In ‘My Journey’ the American dream unfolds before your eyes as you read this compelling saga of a bright young black man who left the hills of West Virginia because he dreamed of a better life. Bill Burrus takes you on a phenomenal journey from his first day as a postal employee through his gradual rise to becoming the first African American ever elected by the membership as the president of an international labor union. It is a fantastic journey that includes thorns and roses and reveals the many facets of his personality. His journey takes him all around the world – gave him power and influence reserved only for those holding the highest offices in the land.

Burrus acknowledges that his contributions were built on the foundation of various labor leaders upon which he built his strength over the years. He mentions each of them throughout the narrative and freely admits the influences and efforts of others that led to his success. Many served as role models and mentors helping to lift him up in his climb to the top. As John Donne said, “No man is an island.” The events of time defined his place of existence, influencing his reactions to the world. “Becoming president of the American Postal Workers Union did not occur overnight. Bill Burrus’ journey takes you through his trials and tribulations along with the post office and national union politics that got him to the presidency.” Bill Burrus is “honest, forthright and even self-criticizing as he chronicles details inside the American Postal Workers Union, where you can see both his accomplishments and failures. My Journey is candid.” Louis Stokes, Congressman – Retired

Bill Burrus served as President of the American Postal Workers Union from November 2001 until November 2010 (nine years). He retired after a 53 year career as a postal employee and elected union official fighting to improve conditions for postal employees. Burrus was listed in Who’s Who in Black America and has appeared in numerous publications including Business Week, Jet, Black Enterprise, and Ebony in which he was listed each year among the 150 most influential African Americans. He was appointed to the Ohio Advisory Board of the U.S. Civil Rights Commission and was elected to the National Board of the A. Philip Randolph Institute. He served on the Federal Advisory Council on Occupational Safety and Health and on the Board of Directors of the National Black College Alumni Hall of Fame. While representing American postal workers he was also elected as a representative of the Uni Global International Network.

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Turning a Profit in Business

Like so many other business owners today, if you manage one, you watch your expense and revenue. You strive to keep the price of your services or products competitive with others and at the same ensure that quality and efficiency is provided at the highest level. You price your products and services so that you can make a profit, but nimble enough to ensure that your expenses are not higher than revenue. And, depending on the nature of your business, the right business lawyers can bebusiness difficult to find. However, the process can be streamline, if you choose the proper attorneys. Choosing the proper business lawyer(s) is one of the first things that must be done whether your business is a sole proprietorship, nonprofit, corporation, etc. Any decision you make will be subject to issues with liability, taxes and investment options as well as other factors but it is essential that you contract attorneys that are best suited to your organization.

The most profitable businesses today are run by people who love what they do and have good counsel. There is always money, marketing and motivation but the most successful businesses are run by those who can’t wait for the next challenge.  As a business owner with good legal counsel you want to be prudent about where your money, time and resources are spent. At the same time, you want to look out for your market share and maintain interest in it as well as motivate your clients because this is something customers need in order to keep coming back.

It is not always necessary to keep counsel on staff so keep in mind that it may be possible to locate an attorney that handles litigation in various fields of business. Some lawyers have clients in construction, home improvement, computer networking, real estate, printing, medical, government contracts and other types of business. If you can obtain outside counsel to review contracts, leases, and employment – nondisclosure agreements and generally advise you on day to day legal issues, resources could be saved and dedicated elsewhere.

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Panning For Gold

Have you ever ask yourself why a huge number of folks have gold and silver fever?  Perhaps it’s because they realize that our government has too much debt and it’s getting more and more difficult to pay it off.  Not only that, but inflation is high while the various world currencies are losing value on a daily basis.  Debt is so massive that it’s nearly impossible to expect payment in many circumstances.  Today, banks must have huge amount of money in order to remain competitive.  And yes, you too must have more money today to survive that you did five years ago, because of inflationary prices.  How do you cover yourself against inflation?  The answer is simply – you do so with gold and silver.  There are many reasons to own gold, but most importantly:

  1. You protect your purchasing power as inflation rise with gold or silver
  2. You are protected if and when banks collapse
  3. You are protected when currencies are devaluated
  4.  You will be better protected if there is an economic crisis in other developed nations
  5. You are protected against any outrageous actions by our government or  if it stop printing paper money
  6. Owning gold and silver is trendy today and less risky than paper money.

Perhaps these are the reasons that so many have now taking up the hobby of panning for gold in the state of California.  Go north to south and you will find individuals panning for gold because as the story goes, the state of California contains 70% as much gold today as it did one hundred fifty years ago.  Moreover, this year is said to be especially good for finding gold because of all the heavy rains last winter.  In many instances, the rain waters dislodged trees and boulders – some releasing pockets of the precious mineral.  However, if you should decide to try gold panning it is suggested that you first check with the local Forest Service and then bring along a friend who is experienced; if not, take panning lessons because the task is said to require a lot of finesse.

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The Latest On American Airlines

After its parent company filed for bankruptcy protection last November American Airlines has had a contentious year, but just recently announced that it will hire 2500 pilots over the next five years.  This comes on the heels of the recent battle with the pilots’ union over its attempts to cut labor costs.  In a recent letter to its employees, Tom Horton, the CEO of American Airlines reported that approximately 1500 of the new hires would replace those who are retiring and that they would be assigned to fly both domestic and international routes. Others hired would be available to take those positions becoming available as current workers age and retire; via attrition.

Currently, American Airlines has approximately 8000 pilots who are active.  The additional 2500 would bring that number to 10,500.  American Airlines revamped would also add more international flight to its schedules as it has high americanhopes for more corporate business travelers.  Having more international flights available is something that the CEO reports would provide greater career opportunities and better pay for all of its workers.  Union members are skeptical because at one point there were upwards of 14,000 active pilots.  Overall, the airline has lost more staff that it plans to hire in the foreseeable future.

Just this past Wednesday a spokesperson for American Airlines reported that new flights would also be added from Dallas/Fort Worth to Seoul, South Korea and Lima, Peru; from Chicago to Dusseldorf, Germany; and from JFK airport in New York to Dublin, Ireland.  Domestic flights from its hubs in Chicago and Dallas would also be increased.  Yet, a spokesperson from the Allied Pilots Association stated that unless the claims being made are included in a union contract they hold no credibility with the union.

Earlier this year, approximately 2200 American Airline flight attendants took a $40,000 early out package.  At that time, American had announced that it would hire more flight attendants to replace them later this year, something that now seems to be on hold.

Credit: Chris Isidore & David Koenig
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Family Feuds

Family fighting often hurts every member, even those who are not directly involved in a situation may feel they must intervene or take sides. This is especially true when there has been a death in the family or when property has to be sold to meet some pending obligation.   Conflict arises when family members have opposing views or beliefs that clash and they sometimes become intentionally aggressive, hurtful or familyviolent. Outside parties may have started the disagreement, which somehow found it ways into your family’s affairs.  Sometimes there is a lack of communications and things left unsaid results in a kind of tacit agreement; only later you find the family member didn’t really agree at all.

At some point during the family disagreement, you may want to turn a deaf ear to it all, but professional help is available. If there is to be a peaceful resolution, skills will be needed to open a dialogue – negotiations, compromise and respect for the other person’s point of view are taking into consideration. Transitioning from one mindset to another person’s way of thinking often causes additional stress and conflict and can’t be resolved within the family. Seek professional advice if you think you need help to resolve long-standing disputes or issues of conflict.  Issues that are not successful resolved often lead to damage relationships, resentment and family feuds that could last for hundreds of years.

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An Extra Thousand Dollars

Have an extra thousand bucks on hand?  If so, don’t underestimate the value of those few dollars - even if you’re already invested or saving on a regular basis. A thousand dollars can get you a session with a financial adviser who can go over your finances and recommend a course of action. Typically, this will include a portfolio review, a budget and cash flow analysis, a look at your insurance policies and retirement savings plan. However, you should seek out an adviser who has a flat fee or rates of less than $200 per hour.  The process should take thousandno more than three to four hours. Attend that meeting with clear and precise objectives; take along a list of your assets and liabilities. The financial adviser may need them to construct a personal plan for you.  You don’t want to waste this time or the thousand dollars so be prepared.

A second option, for those one thousand dollars is a getaway or weekend to some island in the Caribbean. The fall and winter months are the perfect time to take off to places like the North Carolina outer banks, the British Isle or Bermuda. This is the time when prices are at their lowest and the less than one thousand dollar deals are plentiful.  In order to find the best ones, you might visit where you may be able to pick up on fall specials and free night deals. As an alternative, explore Costa Rica, Ambergris Cave in Belize; the Shenandoah National Park in Virginia, visit Washington, DC or take an all-inclusive cruise for under one thousand dollars per couple.

A third option for that thousand dollars is to guard against a potential flood in your home.  Water damage can be one of the costliest threats to you as a homeowner.  Recent studies have shown that natural disasters that involve flooding are thousandapproximately 90 percent of weather related calamities and they usual occur in low risk areas. The average homeowner’s policy does not cover flood damage, something that can be purchase for less than a thousand dollars per annum; about $600.

Finally, the professionals suggest that we keep enough money tucked away to cover six months of living expenses, previously it was three, but that may not be enough if we get laid off.  A search for a new position normally takes about seven months if we’re lucky – the new job often pays less than the former.  So that extra thousand may be able to cover your mortgage payment for one month with a bit left over for other things while you search.

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Whether you are a celebrity or just the average citizen who is striving to make a name for yourself, you will probably benefit by placing a profile at Celebstir.  Placing a personal video or just a regular profile will give you exposure to some of the best and brightest personalities on the globe.  At Celebstir you can be among those seeking to network in the entertainment world or just be a fan of your favorite celebrity and help celebstirto promote them.   Celebstir allows you to make contact, stir and or promote yourself among those who have some of the same objectives and goals as you.

Celebstir is a site that is easy to join and navigate– just set up a profile – post your photos or video and follow or chat with your favorite athlete, stage and screen star, musician or model, etc.   If you are like me, then perhaps just stir and promote yourself with those in your own profession or area of expertise.  In any case, the fans on Celebstir are there to cheer you along the way.

Surprisingly, I found the site to be very user friendly and easier to navigate than Twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets.  The content is refreshing and I personally believe that Celebstir has great potential.  I would highly recommend Celebstir to my friends, colleagues, family members and others who want to keep a leg up in this fast pace world that we endeavor to compete and survive in today.

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